HP Z24f G3 - LED monitor

Full HD (1080p) - 24"

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Fabrikant HP
Artikelnummer 3G828AA#ABB
FlexIt SKU 2340206N1
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    • Declutter your desk and connect a series of displays by daisy chaining with a single DisplayPort cable
    • Connect to a Workstation, a PC and additional displays
    • Mount your HPZ2 Mini or HP Desktop Mini directly to the monitor for a clean workspace
    • Even if just a third of a pixel fails or is stuck in one position, HP will replace the entire display
    • Easily attach the Z Display Conferencing Speaker Bar for stereo quality audio and dual microphones

    Meticulously crafted to surpass every design standard, the HP Z24f G3 FHD Display is composed of authentic aluminum and delivers an impressive, frameless viewing experience. Bring your ideas to life with remarkable color accuracy in precise Full HD resolution. Refine your work experience and transform your PC into a powerhouse with this 23.8-inch diagonal screen monitor.

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